Deck and Porch Repair

A porch or a deck is a wonderful addition to the home, providing a place for entertaining or just enjoying being outdoors, not to mention curling up with a drink and just enjoying a good book.

Unfortunately, your deck or porch is exposed to the elements and will deteriorate over time. Whether it’s exposure to the rain and snow or the extreme heat in the desert areas, the elements will take their toll and will cause damage to your deck or porch. In fact, any of your structures located outside such as sheds and gazebos will be exposed to those same elements and at some point need repair.

Fortunately for you, HandyMan John is on the job and we can help you get your deck, porch, or other structure back into pristine shape rather quickly.

The Most Common Problems for Decks and Porches Include:

  • Cracked, loose, or rotten wood
  • Deck and porch boards become pliant, or weakened and begin to bow when you walk on them
  • Handrails become loose or damaged
  • Caulking around any windows becomes dry and cracked or even begins to waste away.
  • Support posts and concrete footings will become aged and weakened
  • Drainage or erosion issues develop
  • The Roof (if any) begins to leak
  • Rodents or insects begin to cause problems such as termites

We at HandyMan John can repair all of these damages and problems and even more. When we assess your project, we will give you a repair quote and if we feel the deck, porch, or other structure is damaged beyond repair, we’ll let you know that too.

After you call us, we will make an appointment to come to your home and we will inspect the damage and make our recommendations. If the repairs are minor, as is the case in most instances, we can go ahead and make the necessary repairs right away once you sign acceptance of the quote.

It is important that you be present while we are preparing a quote for you, in case we can make the repairs right away, and in case there is something else you will need to be done while we are there.

Once we have made our assessment, we will go over each and every point with you, and explain to you why. Part of our assessment will also include an overall safety inspection – Our estimator is Mr. John Derossett, a Certified Professional Home Inspector.

Our Deck and Porch Repair Services Includes:

  • Replacement of boards
  • Railing Replacement
  • Grading and Drainage Issues
  • Stair Replacement
  • Screen and window repair

Please keep in mind that we are also able to repair:

  • Fire pits
  • Built-in barbecues
  • Sitting areas
  • Just about anything else!

Once the repairs have been made to your deck, porch, or other structure, we can apply a fresh coat of paint, stain, or sealer to the structure.

Unfortunately, sometimes your deck or porch may be beyond repair. This is especially true when it comes to structural repairs. In that case, we would recommend that a new structure be built rather than trying to repair the old one. In that case, we can usually provide the services required to take down the old structure and build the new one.