The exterior of your home is exposed to all sorts of things throughout the year. Rain, snow, strong winds, and so on can all make the exterior of your home quite dirty over time. And when this happens, a good power wash is the most effective way to get your home clean again. But you shouldn’t just power wash your home needlessly. So, recognizing when a power wash is needed is something homeowners should know how to do. In order to help you out with this, we put together a list of seven signs your home needs power washing.

1. Dirty siding

One of the most obvious signs your home needs power washing is dirty siding. When your siding starts to look dull and dirty, it’s time to hire a professional and get your home power washed. This is the best way to remove all the dirt and grime and make your siding look shiny and new. And making sure your siding looks nice is incredibly important for curb appeal. Besides making your home look better, curb appeal is important when selling your home. And making sure the siding is clean is among the maintenance tasks you should do before trying to sell your home. After all, buyers aren’t going to be attracted to a home that looks neglected. So, make sure your home is as clean as possible before trying to sell it.

2. You notice your energy bills are higher

This might seem nonsensical at first, but when your roof and walls are covered in dirt and grime, it gets harder to cool and heat your home. As such, your HVAC system needs to work overtime to make up for this, which leads to higher energy bills. Additionally, this can lead to moisture getting trapped inside the house, eventually leading to mold and mildew. So, if you notice your energy bills climbing, consider getting your house power washed. This is a great way to save money and energy in your home, as well as keep it clean. And, in the long run, doing whatever you can to save some money does eventually add up.

3. Your roof is discolored

A pretty good indication that you need to power wash your home is if your roof gets discolored. If you notice black streaks along your roof and shingles, it’s time to get to cleaning. This is because these black streaks are algae, which isn’t good for your roof. The algae will eventually eat through the shingles and cause damage to your roof. So, in order to keep your roof healthy as long as possible, consider power washing your home as soon as you notice these streaks on your home. Additionally, when moving into a new home, checking your roof for these sorts of things should be the first thing you do. And when it comes to the move itself, for example, in Los Angeles, remember to let an expert team help with transport. Hiring movers is the best way to make sure nothing goes wrong during the move.

4. Your deck is covered in dirt and grime

One of the signs your home needs power washing is a dirty deck. This most commonly happens after winter or during rainy seasons. Since your deck is directly exposed to the elements, it makes sense that it would get dirty during this time. When spring rolls around, the best way to get your deck into good shape is to power wash it. However, the rest of your home is likely going to get dirty during this time as well. So, power washing your entire house when spring rolls around is a good choice. And while taking care of your home, consider how you can make your home functional too. In the long run, these upgrades will be very helpful and add to the home if you ever want to sell it.

5. The driveway is stained

It’s very easy to forget about the driveway when cleaning your home. But when it comes to curb appeal, the driveway is just as important as the rest of the house. And, to be honest, the driveway is the most likely part of the house to get dirty. So, make sure to pay attention to it, and if you see any unsightly stains on it, consider hiring a power washing professional.

6. There are spider webs all over your house

Spider webs are never a good sign, whether they’re on the interior or the exterior. However, spider webs also tend to be rather high up in your home. As such, removing them by hand can be both inconvenient and dangerous. So, if you spot spider webs around your home’s exterior, keep in mind that power washing is the most effective and safe way to remove them. Additionally, power washing is a great way to ensure that the spiders don’t get away, either.

7. Your gutters are overflowing and getting clogged

Dirt and debris tend to gather up in your gutters and clog them. This leads to water spilling out and possibly doing a lot of damage to your home. While the debris should be removed by hand, power washing is a great way to remove the dirt and grime that gathers inside the gutters. Additionally, if your gutters do overflow, besides the water damage, they will leave dirt all over the exterior of your home.

Signs your home needs power washing – the takeaway

There are many reasons to get your home power washed. From simply cleaning the house up for curb appeal to dealing with potentially big problems in the long run, a power wash is rarely a bad idea. That said, you shouldn’t decide to power wash your home over every little thing. So, learn to recognize when your home could really use a power wash, and call a professional whenever a power wash is actually needed. We hope that this list of seven signs your home needs power washing is helpful, and we wish you a great rest of your day.

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