If you are new to having pets or are renting your property to someone who owns one, you may be concerned about the potential damage they could cause to your home. This will vary depending on the type of pet you have. However, because cats and dogs are the most popular type of pets worldwide, and they are certainly well equipped to cause damage to your home, we will mainly focus on the damage these furry friends, in particular, can inflict on your property. Thus, we have decided to compile a list of the most common pet-caused damages around the home. This way, you will know what to expect when getting a pet.

Pets Will Damage Your Doors and Doorframes

Both cats and dogs are affectionate creatures. However, they also tend to have separation anxiety. This means that they don’t like to be away from you. In fact, in many cases, pets will do everything in their power to stay near their owners. They will scratch, bite and try to open any door standing between you and them. As you can imagine, this can cause much damage to doors and door frames. For example, it’s easy to leave your pet in the backyard and forget about them. The dog or cat will scratch the door and frame with no regard for the door to get in. If this happens to you, there are a few things that you could do to repair the damageSome doors may be fixed with a simple coat of paint. However, if you have natural-finish wood doors, you will need to sand the damaged area before applying a matching gel stain and a clear protective layer of polyurethane.

Pets Will Scratch the Surface of Your Floors

Both cats and dogs have claws, and they like to run, leap, play, and follow you around the home. As a result, damage to your hardwood flooring is bound to happen, particularly if your floor is made of softer wood, such as pine or hemlock. Like any sharp object, your pet’s claws dig into the finish of the floor as they move around the house. Over time, you will notice your once-pristine flooring becomes worn out. The same is true for leather furniture and timber tables, chairs, desks, etc. Unlike with doors and doorframes, damage that pets will cause to your floor is not something you can prevent. You may minimize the damage your pet will yield to your floor by regularly taking them for a nail trim. A regular nail trim will benefit both your pet’s health and the health of your floor.

Pets Will Cause Damage to Your Carpet

This is the most common and obvious type of pet damage we see. Typically, this takes the form of pet urine. Most pet owners don’t like to have carpets for a reason. When it comes to peeing on the carpet, it’s more a question of “when” than of “if.” It will not take you long to figure out if your pet peed on the carpet. Even if you cannot see a stain, you will smell it. The best course of action will be to move the carpet immediately if this happens. Dog/cat urine can soak through the carpet and damage your floor. And if your household is trying to save money, you need to act fast, as the last thing you need is damage of this kind. The best way to clean these stains and odors is with enzymatic cleaners for pet waste. That being said, you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions whenever you use any toxic or abrasive product. 

Your Pet can Damage Your Yard

Small White Dog Running Through a Field

Dogs love to play outside. If you have a backyard or a porch, you can be sure that your dog will energetically run around whenever he gets the opportunity. This means that the chances of them damaging your fence, your sprinkler system, or even your landscaping are very high. If you want to prevent this, ensure that your fence is sturdy. You should aim to make your whole home more secure if you own a dog. This way, you will keep your pet from getting out and any uninvited guests from getting in.

How to Prevent Pet-Caused Damages from Escalating

We’ve already discussed the most obvious damage your pet can cause to your home. That being said, we must also discuss what causes your pet to behave in this manner. Some of the damage, such as scratches on the floor, is beyond your pet’s control, but destroying furniture and your lawn is an entirely different issue. Your pet may be stressed, and he may be acting out. These issues can be magnified if you are moving in – or moving out. A long move is probably the most stressful experience your pet can have. The same goes for kids – they are also a category of living beings that have problems adapting to a situation as stressful as relocation. Thus, it would help if you prepared to handle your kids and pets on moving day. If you have a place for them where they can relax during the move, know that it will make them much less stressed. This will, in turn, lower the chances that they will damage your home after you move in.


Now that you are aware of all of the common pet-caused damages around the home, you will know how to prepare for them. We all love our pets, and we would do anything for them. However, we don’t want them to destroy our house as soon as we move in. If you have understanding, patience, and empathy, you won’t have any issues with the problems we’ve discussed here.