Looking for a place to publish your articles? Is your site related to the handyman content we post here? Publishing your content here helps us, but it helps you too when it comes to SEO for your own website. Here’s where the benefits are:

  1. You choose to keep the byline, or we use ours (some do not want the byline because of SEO – it then appears that we wrote the article and placed links in it to your website.)
  2. Links to your website or whichever pages you choose.
  3. Great for SEO. Plus, you’re getting backlinks to your chosen pages.
  4. Build your brand and notoriety.
  5. Establish your expertise and trust with your target market.
  6. Generate more leads.
  7. Diversify Your Audience.
  8. Widen your audience.
  9. Grow Your Network.

We don’t have a lot of rules or anything like some websites do. With us, there are just a few simple requirements, and we even do the work of publishing the article on our site:

  1. Content must match the content on this website.
  2. You must specify whether you want to keep the byline or use our byline (better for SEO purposes).
  3. The article must be 100% unique and not published elsewhere in whole or part. Subject to a check with Copyscape.
  4. Articles must have at least a featured photo and can have up to 4 photos.
  5. Must have attribution for the photos used. Photos MUST be royalty-free.
  6. Articles must be either Word Doc or text format. No PDF or other files or the article will be rejected.
  7. If you have any doubt as to whether or not your content fits our site, just contact us and ask. Just because we may not have a category for that particular article does not mean we will not take it. WE WILL CREATE A CATEGORY FOR IT.
  8. Requirements are subject to change as this publishing program evolves.
  9. Complete the form below to submit your article.
  10. When you submit files, the submission form will only accept .doc, .docx, .jpeg, .png and text files.
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