Why You Should Hire Us

Why You Should Hire Us

Many people who own homes realize that it is extremely difficult to find reliable and professional help when it comes to repairs around the home.

Thank you for visiting HandyMan John! I’m here to help. I could fill dozens of webpages listing all of the things I can do to help you around the house. I had to limit that list to a single page, but rest assured that the list I provided is in no way an exhaustive list! Even if I don’t have a service listed there that you need completed, chances are I can get it done for your quickly. And, I guarantee my work.

You can trust HandyMan John to get your repairs and maintenance tasks completed quickly and the work is quality work, done by a handyman with more than 20 knowledge in remodeling, repairing and renovating homes. There are dozens of reasons why calling HandyMan John is the best choice when you need any work done at your home. One of the main reasons is that John is a Certified Professional Home Inspector, following InterNACHI standards and rules of practice. HOWEVER – John does not inspect homes that he repairs, nor does he repair homes that he inspects. That would not be a best practice, and is in fact, a breach of trust.

That said, If I inspected your home six months ago, and you call me to repair something that I DID NOT indicate heeds repair during the inspection, in a case like that, I would agree to do the repair for you. You see what I mean, I think.

I am committed to serving the Riverside area homeowner not only by providing the best possible service, but also by offering good old-fashioned, friendly, courteous service. I trust my clients to no one else, and every person gets quality services from me. As for my employees, I hire only trusted individuals with a proven track record, and a minimum of five years experience. Each of my employees is also subject to an in-depth background check. This is just one of the ways that I work to ensure your contract with us will result in a quality job, well-done.

We’re the go-to solution for homeowners who need skilled labor to help with, or to complete the projects around your home. We even clean houses, provide move-out cleaning services and more. We even wash windows! When you hire us, you can rest assured your work will be done quickly and correctly and again, I guarantee the workmanship! Give us a call – we’re here and ready to help, and our prices are so competitive we can even beat our competitors and in most cases, provide better service!

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